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Revamped since 30 May 2015 - Find out more!
The Omni-Theatre is home to the world’s latest and brightest 8K digital planetarium system and South-east Asia’s largest seamless dome screen (23m diameter). It is an immersive edutainment destination which offers a diverse genre of Digital Fulldome Movies and Live Planetarium Shows conducted by Science Centre Singapore science educators. Visitors will embark on an experiential journey to remote locations on Earth and in Space from the comfort of their seats.

In January 2011, the Theatre upgraded its dome screen to the latest seamless NanoSeam screen, the world’s best projection surface offering unrivalled clarity. It is one of 32 such screens in the world and Asia’s largest. The theatre’s interior was also re-carpeted and seats re-upholstered. The aim is to provide the best giant screen experience.

The educational films offered cover genres such as science, space, nature, animals, marine life, culture, natural disasters and more.

The Theatre receives about 200,000 visitors annually.

The newly upgraded Omni-Theatre offers an immersive experience with dual technologies within the same dome theatre:

  • Existing IMAX Dome projection system
  • Latest digital fulldome system

IMAX movies offer the highest resolution in 70mm film format, while the new digital fulldome system delivers a distinctly immersive experience with a choice of digital fulldome movies and “live” shows with topical, real-time presentations on space science conducted by Science Centre Singapore science educators; using the Digistar 5 software and 8K projection system that delivers unrivalled digital resolution and brightness.

With Southeast Asia’s largest seamless dome screen, specially designed seating configuration, surround-sound effects, and the world’s latest and brightest 8K digital theatre system, the Omni-Theatre is set to offer the most immersive learning experiences. The revamped Omni-Theatre opens to the public on 30 May 2015.
  • Southeast Asia’s largest seamless dome screen: 23m in diameter
  • Nanoseam dome screen is made of 376 pieces of powder-coated aluminium panels, covering a surface of 625m2
  • The screen stretches 180o horizontal from wall to wall and tilted at a 30o angle to the horizon, the screen “wraps” over the audience to cover 80% of a hemisphere – which far exceeds a person’s field of vision
  • There are 43.54 million perforations that allows sound from the speakers and air from the air-conditioners to pass through to the audience
  • 221 seats (new)
  • Five Christie Boxer 4K30 projectors are mounted in the theater cove and in the upper projection room. The five images are blended together to create a seamless ultra-high resolution image.
  • 30,000 lumens, 6 x 450W lamp
  • World’s latest and brightest 8K digital fulldome system
  • Largest seamless dome screen (NanoSeam) in Southeast Asia
Digistar 5 puts the system’s vast amount of astronomical data at one’s fingertips, including zodiacal constellations, Messier objects, shows, trailers and more. Digistar comes with a revolutionary built-in cloud sharing capability, with a library to find and share images, models, shows, videos and more. With the Show Builder software, a visual approach to creating exciting sequences using a storyboard and content snapshots, shows can be created quickly and snapshots can also be saved for real-time presentations. The user can define the area of the flight path and preload the needed resolution textures for seamless travel from space to a few thousand feet above ground, and fly down to the surface of Earth and other planets in the solar system for spectacular high-resolution detail and 3D terrain with smooth transitions.

The Digistar user interface contains a searchable library of content, drag and drop interactivity, and a fully interactive dome view window. Digistar’s dataset contains multiple stars, variable stars, and exoplanets to explore, while new sophisticated algorithms allow Digistar to represent the positions and sizes of astronomical bodies accurately across the enormous range of astronomical scales. Cloud, nebulae and the Milky Way galaxy can be displayed in volumetric form in real time, while the particle system rendering generates weather, volcano, geyser, fire, and other effects.
  • IMAX projectors are the most advanced, powerful and highest-precision film projectors in the world
  • The IMAX projector incorporates a unique 180o Leitz wide-angle lens, which uses a powerful 15,000-Watt water-cooled xenon lamp, similar to the one used to light NASA’s launching pads!
  • The Quick Turn Reel Unit has 5 platters which holds up to four typical 40-minute large format films or a maximum of two 40-minute films and two 150-minute films to be in a ready state at any one time
  • The projector uses the largest film size format (15 perf/70mm) in the history of motion picture - 10 times larger than the conventional 35mm film
  • A full reel of 60-minute film weighs 100kg!
  • Theatre designed to ensure that it is soundproof to external noise
  • Entire structure of theatre is designed to achieve a noise criterion of not more than NC 25 (between 30 dBA to 32 dBA)
  • 1,528 acoustics panels, each measuring 1.2m by 1.2m, are used to cover 2,271m2 of the entire inner surface of the theatre. This is enough to cover half a football field
  • Theatre has 12 complete sound reproduction channels, of which 6 at a time can be fed from the sound reproducer
  • 72 amplifiers in the theatre with a total power output of 20,000 Watts, which is more than the power produced by 250 75-Watt home stereo sets